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”How are you feeling? How’s the weather? Politics, emotions, and climate change in post-pandemic life”

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2021-06-11 @ 12:00 13:00

Ayşem Mert, Lecturer, Stockholm University

Ayşem Mert, Lecturer, Stockholm University.

Dr Ayşem Mert is associate professor and director of the International Master Programme in Environmental Social Science at Stockholm University. Currently, she is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Global Cooperation Research, where she investigates how the future world order and particularly environmental governance is being differently imagined after the COVID-19 pandemic. Her previous research focused on democracy and environment beyond borders, political storytelling, and public-private cooperation in sustainability politics. Ayşem also has a personal history of environmental activism and progressive politics in Turkey.

Join us when Ayşem takes us through the thicket of politics, emotions, and climate change in post-/pandemic life.


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