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Relationsevent, Thomas Lemarc

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2021-09-10 @ 12:00 13:00

Matchmaking byrå.

Sveriges enda matchmakingbyrå som startades av Lemarc Thomas som är relationsexpert. Han brukar föreläsa och lära ut “The business of love – vad en matchmaker och kärleksexpert kan lära mig om affärer, mina professionella relationer och drivkrafter”.

Lemarc Thomas

The gentle but determined cupid– The Telegraph
Founder and CEO of Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking (the matchmaking agency), Founder of The Swedish Love Professionals and EU representative of the Dating Agency Association.

Lemarc Thomas has become known internationally as a matchmaking and relationship expert, helping people find and build serious relationships. With a background in Psychology, Lemarc has been coaching and matching well-accomplished, well-known people around the world for the last 10 years.

From the tiny Island of St Helena, Lemarc lived in London for 15 years before moving to Sweden for love. Lemarc and his husband were the first same-sex couple to marry on St Helena after helping change the law there.

Elin Ribjer

International Matchmaker, Founder and Presenter of Sweden’s top relationship podcast, Så kan det gå, Co-founder of the Swedish Love Professionals.

After having learnt the importance of healthy relationships the hard way, Elin has been on a mission to help others learn about love and build better relationships. In her podcast, Så kan det gå, she interviews relationship experts and others to spread awareness, educate and share helpful tools and resources for sound relationships. In her work as a matchmaker, she gets more hands on – interviewing single people and personally introducing compatible matches.

The Agency

At Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking, we combine the art of matchmaking with the science of love, providing a conscious approach to finding and building romantic relationships. Completely offline, it’s a little old-fashioned but also progressive (we think) to be ‘human’ in the search for love. We personally meet with our clients to get a deep understanding of their needs and then search for, and introduce potential matches. We have a large private network of amazing single people in Sweden and internationally who are open to long-term committed relationships. We are very proud of the results we get – the relationships that are formed and the ripple effect on clients’ lives.

The Heading of their lecture and an overview on the focus for today’s lecture

Invest in Love. Learnings from 10 years – matchmaking the rich and powerful.

Relationships are most important in life. People with better relationships are happier, healthier, and wealthier according to an 80-year-old Harvard study.

That’s what the research says. And after 10 years of matchmaking, Lemarc Thomas could not agree more. The problem is however, that we are not very good at relationships. Most of us are walking around with old wounds of love unconsciously impacting our lives.

Lemarc and Elin will share with you some of their observations, learnings, and experiences of working with love.

  • We are rubbish at relationships
  • Our brains are great at survival but bad at love because our fear response gets triggered
  • You are probably repeating the same patterns over and over
  • Even though relationships are most important, it’s often our lowest priority
  • Research supports that whilst good relationships are good for us, bad relationships are really bad for us
  • Most people do not know what their core needs are in a relationship
  • Most people act in ways that result in the opposite of what they need
  • As long as your needs are unmet the wounds live on
  • Fulfilling needs heals relational wounds
  • We can have better relationships and it’s not that difficult
  • The ripple effect of great relationships could change the world!